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Gypsum (Selenite)

Beautiful, transparent and water clear specimens
are often referred to as Moon Rocks.

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Gypsum - also called Selenite

Gypsum comes from the Greek, gyps meaning "burned" mineral.
Gypsum is one of the more common minerals in sedimentary environments. It is a major rock forming mineral that produces massive beds, usually from precipitation out of highly saline waters. Since it forms easily from saline water, gypsum can have many inclusions of other minerals and even trapped bubbles of air and water.
Gypsum has several variety names that are widely used in the mineral trade.
"Selenite" is the colorless and transparent variety that shows a pearl like luster and has been described as having a moon like glow. The word selenite comes from the Greek for Moon and means moon rock.
Another variety is a compact fibrous aggregate called "satin spar" . This variety has a very satin like look that gives a play of light up and down the fibrous crystals.
A fine grained massive material is called "alabaster" and is an ornamental stone used in fine carvings for centuries, even eons.
Other Characteristics: thin crystals are flexible but not elastic, meaning they can be bent but will not bend back on their own. Also some samples are fluorescent. Gypsum has a very low thermal conductivity (hence it's use in drywall as an insulating filler). A crystal of Gypsum will feel noticeably warmer than a like crystal of quartz.
Hardness is 2 and can be scratched by a fingernail. Do NOT leave Selenite in water. You may rinse Selenite with water, but if left submerged in water, it will degrade.
Metaphysical Properties: Mental clarity, insight, awareness. In meditation, can be used as a tool to aid in accessing past and future lives, by gently rubbing the stone. Beneficial to the spinal column and skeletal system, muscular structure, and cellular structure. Selenite links you to angelic guidance and teaches about higher meaning and purpose. It unites you with your soul's purpose.

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White, yellowish, colorless, pink, bluish
(very soft)
Cancer, Pisces
Venus, Neptune

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Selenite Generator
3.6 Ounces
4 1/4" Tall X 1"
GY126     $23.40

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Fish Tail Selenite Specimen
1 lb. 6 oz.
5 1/4" X 4 1/2"
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Rough Selenite Specimen
3 lbs.
10 1/2" X 3 1/4"
GY117     47.97

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Fish Tail Selenite Specimen
11.6 oz.
4 3/4" X 3 1/2"
Beautiful layers!
GY118      $40.60

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Selenite Generator
3.4 oz.
3 5/8" X 1"
Exquisite Specimen!
GY125      $23.80

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Fish Tail Selenite Specimen
15 oz.
4 1/2" X 3 3/4"
GY120      $52.50

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This informative article on Selenite comes to us
courtesy of the Author, who is also a customer of ours.
Matt Vooro 

Selenite has a hardness of only 1 1/2 – 2 on the Moh’s hardness scale, so it is quite delicate, soft and easy to damage or scratch. It does not require water cleansing and should not be left in water. It will dissolve if left in water for an extended time. It does not require sunlight to be charged or activated. Individual Selenite stones can vary in composition and frequency. You may have to experiment to find the right quality for you.

You can carry Selenite with you but do not place it under your pillow during sleep as you may find yourself in places that you may not want to be in your dreams. Place the stone instead on your lamp table beside your bed. If you rub the Selenite before falling to sleep, you will experience past life dreams or dreams about past activities from current life. The writer uses a 2 inches diameter Selenite sphere on his lamp table for dream recall purpose.


For meditation hold the Selenite in your hands while meditating. To help open ones third eye or crown chakras, lie on your back and place the stone on your forehead or the crown area. A grounding stone should be used in parallel when doing this layout. Use black tourmaline, hematite or Smokey Quartz placed at your feet or the lower chakras [below the solar plexus.]

 This layout is not recommended for the beginner unless you are working with someone who is well acquainted with various gemstones, their use and the precautions that apply with their use.


Some sources claim that gypsum as a homeopathic remedy alleviates prostate cancer and as an elixir, rejuvenates the prostate gland, testicles and the uterus. The writer has not been able to confirm this to date.



This stone is not for everyone. However, if you are serious about connecting with your Soul energies or your Spirit Guides and have developed sufficient mental discipline and patience to work with this amazing stone, you may be pleasantly surprised and rewarded. The writer recommends that you also read up on this stone in the various excellent reference books on gemstones [Four of these are included in the Reference section at the bottom of this article.]


The purpose of this article is not to promote Selenite commercially but is part of series of articles that the writer has been guided to write about on the topic of discovering one’s Soul, and how to link with our personal link to the Creator energies. 


Matt Vooro




These are all excellent sources of information on Selenite and other gemstones.


THE NEWCASTLE GUIDE TO HEALING WITH GEMSTONES by Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathan Pawlik published by Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc. 

THE CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION by Katrina Raphaell Published by Aurora Press 

LOVE IS IN THE EARTH; A KALEIDASCOPE OF CRYSTALS by Melody published by Earth Love Publishing House 

GEM ELIXIRS AND VIBRATIONAL HEALING VOL#1 by Gurudas Published by Cassandra Press.

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